Monday, June 11, 2012

The Secret We've Been Keeping

Okay, so now comes the moment of truth! We have been keeping a secret for over a month! And that is a long time in terms of secret keeping, especially for me :) On Wednesday, May 9th, we discovered that I am pregnant! Super exciting! But, there is a little bit to the story, so maybe I should back up to earlier.

First of all, you have to understand that, though we are super excited to have another little angel join our family, we got pregnant faster than we expected to. It took us nine months to get pregnant with Alexander, so we assumed that since I was breastfeeding and not having a period, that it would take me quitting breastfeeding to get pregnant. Well, when Alexander was seven months old (around March), I had my first period. As the time neared for my second one to start, it didn't. So, of course, I thought that I was pregnant. Five pregnancy tests later, confirmed that I wasn't. So, again, I just gave up on the idea. The funny thing was, that I would feel exhausted and have minor tummy aches, but I was tired of wasting tests.

On May 9th, I woke up feeling nauseous and was sure I was going to throw up. Scott started joking that I might be pregnant and even asked Alexander if he wanted to have a baby brother or sister. I honestly thought nothing of it, because I had pigged out on a lot of junk food at Bunco the night before. Well, right before Alexander's nap I thought, "It has been weeks, maybe even a month since my last pregnancy test....why not just check?" And lo and behold I was pregnant! My first reaction was to jump up and down with excitement. I even looked at Alexander and said, "You're gonna be a big brother!!!!" Scott was at work so he didn't know yet.

Scott and I had already planned to have lunch together that day, so I started formulating a plan as to how I could tell him in a fun way. I called up a few close friends (whom I had already told that I suspected I was pregnant awhile before) and asked for ideas to tell him in a fun way. I was going to wait until Mother's Day to tell Scott (which was only a few days away), when he called up and asked if I wanted to go to San Diego with him on a work trip in June (this meant a ten hour car ride one way). What you have to understand is that my last pregnancy tried to kill me off. In the first trimester I lost twelve pounds and threw up three times a day. Just driving the fifteen minutes to Scott's work would make me throw up, and we usually carried grocery bags in the car, just in case. So the idea of a ten hour car ride, was really scary. I didn't know how to tell Scott it wasn't a good idea without telling him I was pregnant. So I finally just told him I wanted to talk it over during lunch.

So I got busy and devised a plan. I would get Alexander a big brother outfit and have a letter "written" by Alexander to tell Daddy I was pregnant. It took a little searching, but when Alexander got up from his nap, we headed out and found an outfit at Target that said, "Most Amazing Brother Ever!" Then I wrote him a little letter saying how Alexander was excited to be a big brother. We went and picked Scott up for lunch and had KFC. Immediately, Scott started talking about San Diego. He didn't even notice Alexander's outfit! Which is weird, because he almost always notices new outfits on Alexander! Finally, about half way through lunch, I handed him the letter and pointed out Alexander's outfit. Scott was super excited. I took some pictures, which you can see below of the outfit and letter. We also dressed Alexander in the same outfit for our Mother's Day lunch with Scott's family, and told them that day. They were also a little oblivious to the outfit. After we told them, Diane said, "Well I noticed the shirt, but I thought it was the only one that fit him!" That cracked me up because the shirt was huge :) Anyway, we had fun telling them. To tell my family, I decided to send them copies of the pictures below with their monthly updated picture of Alexander. I hope they enjoyed the surprise!

Of course, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I called the doctor to set up an appointment. Unfortunately, they couldn't get me in until June 6th (almost a month later). Well, that happens to be my Mom's birthday, so we decided to tell her then. We also scheduled an ultrasound because I really wasn't sure when I could be due, since I had so many false pregnancy tests. Well, we went to the doctor and had our first ultrasound. And the ultrasound showed that I must have ovulated twenty days late! The baby is due on January 2nd, instead of December 15th! We had so much fun at the ultrasound and even saw the baby's foot. Some of you may remember us calling Alexander "Baby Bean," until we had his name picked out. So this one is called "Peanut." Anyway, the visit was two hours long and Scott got to come with me. Diane watched Alexander for us, which we were really grateful for. I had neglected to remember that they would do blood work and by the time they drew my blood it had been four hours since I last ate. So, naturally, I almost passed out! But things were better after they gave me some juice. I am just glad that visit is over and so excited to know when the baby will be here :) Below are some pictures of the ultrasound.

Well, that is our big secret! We couldn't be happier!!! And the good news is that I am ten weeks pregnant and have only thrown up once :) That is all for now, tune in next time for fun stories surrounding my birthday!