Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Halloween Fun

Halloween is absolutely one of our favorite times of the year! Who doesn't like getting all dressed up, eating sweets and just having fun in the fall weather?!?! That being said, we actually did a ton of fun things for Halloween. We went to a retirement home for an early trick or treating, went to Daddy's work to trick or treat, and even did the trick or treating around the neighborhood with Grandma and Grandpa. It was super fun!

For Halloween, we decided to all dress up as Superman. We were kind of a super family. Anyway, we thought it was a great idea. Poor Alexander, wasn't so sure. He cried so hard every time we put on his outfit. I think the muscles were just too much for him to handle. He did love all the candy that Halloween brought, so hopefully it was worth the sacrifice :)

As I mentioned, the first thing we did was go trick or treating at a retirement center. This didn't actually happen on Halloween, but a week or so before. One of my friends, Katie, invited us to come along with her and her son Eric. It was super fun. They had trick or treating, games and even a little dinner and cookie desert. We had fun going to all the rooms and seeing the seniors out. The boys loved it, and Jacob even loved picking out candies too. I think Alexander's favorite part was getting to decorate his own cookie and eat it. Below are some fun pictures of that night:

Okay, so on to the next fun thing! We went to Scott's work to trick or treat. We just love that they do that! It is fun all getting dressed up and meeting some of his coworkers too. We went trick or treating there first, and the boys loved it. Alexander loved how much candy he was getting, and as his parents, we didn't mind having a little too! The benefits of parenting really are endless. Below are some fun pictures of time with Daddy at his work: 

On Halloween night, we also went to visit Nana and Papa for a few minutes so they could see the kids all dressed up. They live really close to Scott's work, so we went right after trick or treating at his work. It was fun to visit with them and see all their cute decorations. Here are a few fun pictures for you: 


 After the fun with Nana and Papa, we went to Wendy's for a quick bite to eat. While we were there, Xander started practicing how to fly on the bars of the line. Such a cutie! Then we went home and waited for Grandma and Grandpa to get there. At this point, we decided the idea of trick or treating was probably past. The kids were getting tired, and just seemed ready to end the night. Just as we were deciding to take them to bed and kick the grandparents out, we changed our minds and took them out again. We didn't go very long, but the kids loved it! Below are some pictures of the rest of the night:

Well, that about wraps up our Halloween Fun, and October! November here we come! Tune in next time for "Alliyah's Birthday Party."

Pumpkin Patch & Painting

I really do have desires to get this blog up to date, but with all our projects around the house, and two little boys, it is quite the daunting task! At least I am getting closer to my goal. Any-who, we are now still in October, maybe we will make it to the end of October soon. For this post, I wanted to talk about the pumpkin patch.

Something you have to understand about the pumpkin patch we went to, is that it doesn't even compare to Craven Farms. That is the pumpkin patch my Aunt Debbie works at every year. It is amazing! It has a great corn maze and tons of pumpkins and a cute little tractor ride through the corn stalks. The one we went to this year, was super close to Russ and Diane and super tiny, but it totally suited our needs. We were able to get little tiny pumpkins for the boys and Xander got to be pulled around in a wagon by Alliyah. It was perfect! We did actually go to a bigger pumpkin patch near us later on and go through a corn maze, ride on a tractor, and see farm animals and such. I will have to see if I can locate those pictures so I can do a post about that too.

Anyway, after picking out perfect pumpkins, we took them all back to Russ and Diane's house and painted them. The boys are a little young for carving, so we had fun painting them. I just realized that my camera had died, right as we started painting them. Hopefully Scott has some on his phone that I can upload later. We shall see. Below are some fun pictures for you:

Well, that about wraps up this post too! Tune in next time for "Halloween Fun!"

Rita's At Last!

Many of you know that I served a mission in Harrisburg, PA. Well, one of the things I grew to love while serving my mission was a little italian ice shop called, Rita's. On those humid Pennsylvania days, knocking on doors, there truly was nothing sweeter than getting a cotton candy italian ice from Rita's. Sadly, Rita's is an east coast thing, and I hadn't seen any here in the west. Well, sometime last year, a Rita's opened in Midway, and then one opened in American Fork! We were totally there for our free ice in Midway, and it was just as great as I remembered it.

Well, now we live in American Fork and can get Rita's whenever we want. I even went for a Rita's a few weeks ago because it turns out they give out free ice on the first day of Spring! So, one of my new friends, Megan, and her kids went with us for free ice. Megan is from Pennsylvania so she shares my love of Rita's. As I was growing to love the Rita's in Utah, I discovered that President Pugh's (my mission president) family opened the Rita's in Utah. What a small wonderful world.

Since Rita's is so wonderful, I had to go with my mission companion, Ashley Dewey. We had a fun time in the fall and went for a little italian ice. I do hope I can go again soon. Maybe I just need to do a little afternoon italian ice get together with some of my old companions. Now that is an idea. Okay, I know, I am rambling. But at least you know my love of Rita's now.  Well, that about wraps it up for today's post! Tune in next time for "Pumpkin Patch & Painting."