Friday, January 18, 2013

Jacob: The Birth Story

Alexander is excited to meet his brother! it is...the post you have all been waiting for...the birth story of Jacob Russell Richins! Well, you may not be excited, but I can't wait to get this all written down. First off, I thought I would start out by posting two more pictures of my last two weeks pregnant. And I figured I could take a moment to share with you how I was feeling right before the birth.

39 weeks pregnant
38 weeks pregnant
As the time drew near the due date, I was so ready to have Jacob! Early in the pregnancy the doctor had asked me if I would like to be induced. I had considered being induced, but felt like that wasn't what I should do. It felt like I was trying to be too much in control. Well, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. It didn't help that the doctor asked me three different times if I wanted to be induced! Anyway, I just started thinking of all the pros of getting induced. If I got induced in December, there were so many benefits. Jacob's due date was January 2nd, so I got to thinking that December wasn't so bad. If we got induced, I could guarantee that my mom and brother would be able to meet Jacob. There was also the plus of a tax break, and Scott already having time off from Christmas Eve through the new year. Everything just seemed to point to it. And as I neared my due date, I got super uncomfortable. Jacob's head was dropped before 35 weeks, and it was pretty painful to walk. So, at that appointment, or maybe it was the next one, we set it up for me to be induced on December 28th.

Each appointment, got me more and more excited. I was actually progressing! With Alexander, my body just didn't seem to know what to do, but with Jacob, I was already dilating at 35 weeks. By 38 weeks, I was dilated to a 3, the head had dropped even lower, and I was contracting pretty regularly. I was convinced that Jacob was going to come before the day of induction. But after a few false alarms, I gave up and decided he was coming on the 28th, since that was the scheduled day. To prep myself for the event, my Mom and I went for pedicures! It was so nice to relax for a bit before the baby came. We had our pedicures only a few days before he was born. Of course, the days in between Christmas and the baby's arrival were super busy. We had to pack up Christmas, and do a few last minute nesting projects to get the house ready for the baby.

The week before Jacob was born (aka: the week of Christmas) was pretty tough. I would get intense contractions really close together for hours, and then they would just stop. It was really frustrating, because we were around family that whole time and I could feel everyone on the edge of their seats ready for it to happen, and then it wouldn't. It made Christmas tough too, because I was so uncomfortable. I basically sat on the exercise ball everywhere we went. Luckily, we made it through just fine.

Well, the day of the induction finally arrived. To prepare for the inducement, we had packed a bag for Alexander and brought him to stay with Grandma and Grandpa the night before the inducement. We were scheduled to call the hospital at 5:30 am and arrive there by 6:00 am, so it made it easier to just have him spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa. Anyway, the night after we left him, I was in a lot of pain. Contractions came harder and harder. At 1:00 am, I was in enough pain that I started bouncing on the exercise ball (not an uncommon occurrence during my last few weeks of pregnancy). I finally was able to settle down and head back to bed for a little more rest. At 4:00 am, I woke up in a lot more pain. I was having contractions and they were coming harder and harder. Finally, at about 4:45, when Scott couldn't handle me screaming out in pain, he decided we should get ready to go to the hospital. I had been hesitant to go, since we were scheduled to call in at 5:30, but the pain was intense and the contractions were getting closer together.

Anyway, we arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am. They checked us in, and since I was scheduled for an inducement, they took me straight to a labor and delivery room. They checked me out and discovered I was dilated to a 5! That was super exciting. They started to hook me up to pitocin, and the nurse talked about needing to break my water, and I said, "I think it just broke." She checked me and sure enough, it had! It was such a relief to see my body starting things on it's own, without having to be induced. Anyway, I was nervous that it was all going to happen super fast, so I asked for the epidural right away. And that is when things got tricky.

The anesthesiologist came in and frankly, was a bit rude to me. She saw Scott and I playing cards and asked if I was even in any pain. I had to explain to her that I was indeed in pain, and that cards help distract me from the pain. Anyway, she started the epidural, and then my contractions completely stopped. I asked the nurse if the epidural could have caused them to stop, and she said that she had never seen anything like it, and that the epidural shouldn't make them stop. Anyway, they just died, so they had to keep pumping me full of pitocin. Well, then things got a tiny bit scary. I guess my body didn't like the epidural this time, because my blood pressure kept dropping. I would get all light headed an nauseous. Luckily, we were able to get my blood pressure back up, and things under control.

As the labor continued, it turned out that Jacob was on his back, so the nurse kept flipping me back and forth to try and get him in the right position. She said if he would just get in the right position, things would happen really fast. While we waited, the contractions started getting more intense and I could really feel them. With Alexander, I felt nothing after the epidural, all the way up to delivery. I even had to watch the monitor to see when I was having contractions. This time, was a whole different ball game!

My professional opinion is that the anesthesiologist didn't really recognize my pain level when she came in. I felt the contractions pretty hard, but knew Jacob would be born soon. So I wasn't sure if I should push the button for more meds through the epidural. I recognized that it would be beneficial in the pushing part, if I could feel things happening. Finally, the nurse convinced me to give in, and I pushed the button. Looking back, I should have pushed it a few more times. I just didn't know what kind of affect it would really have.

Anyway, after turning over several times, and me finally pushing a little on Jacob's limbs to try and help him turn, he turned! And then I felt it...I mean I really felt the huge urge to push and get him out! The nurse called the doctor, and I had to do everything I could to not push. The nurse and Scott were great at coaching me so that I wouldn't push, but it was so hard. When the doctor came in, we got to it, and started pushing. I have to say, that either the epidural didn't take right, or the anesthesiologist really didn't give me enough, because I felt so much. It made me wonder how people do it naturally because I felt it all. I'm sure it wasn't as intense because I had some drugs going through me, but it was nothing like the delivery of Alexander.

Anyway, Scott said I pushed for only 15 minutes, though it felt like hours. I felt so much that I even felt the delivery of the placenta and the doctor stitching me up. Lesson learned. Epidurals are great, if administered correctly. Anyway, Jacob was born and he was nice and healthy. That is the important part! On his was out, he pooped, so they barely let me hold him at all (maybe two seconds) and then took him so they could make sure nothing entered his lungs. Waiting for them to finish was torture. I even asked when I could hold him again. Soon enough, my wishes were granted and I was able to hold my sweet little boy.

Jacob was born at 12:39 pm, on Friday, December 28th 2012. He weighed in at 8 pounds and 8 ounces, and was 19 inches long. He was a big baby considering he was four days early! But he sure is a cutie and we couldn't be happier. Of course, the family came to visit at the hospital, and we all had a great time. Below are some pictures of us at the hospital together:

It really was so great having everyone visit us. And it was great to see Alexander too. I didn't realize how much I would miss him while being in the hospital. He did great and was so excited to see his new brother. He is such a great big brother...but that is another story. Well, this has been a long post, so I really should wrap up and head to bed. Tune in next time for Delightful December!

Christmas 2012

Well, it has been almost a month since I blogged last. I guess that is what happens when you have a newborn. But it feels good to be back in the blogging world. I'd love to start out by recounting our Christmas. I have to say that I was secretly hoping Jacob would have made his appearance before Christmas, so he could share it with us, but looking back, it was nice having him make his appearance when he did...but we will have to get to his story later. Now for our Christmas adventure!

This year, we were super blessed to have my mom, Gloria, and my brother, Robert, join us for Christmas! They flew in on Christmas Eve to be with us. So, the morning of Christmas Eve, we helped get them from the airport. It was snowing when they came in, but they arrived safe and sound. That afternoon, we headed to Nana and Papa's house for some Christmas Eve fun. We had ribs for Christmas Eve dinner and opened a gift from Nana and Papa. We even got Mom and Robert a gift to open while we were there. Alexander absolutely loves the car he got from Nana and Papa on Christmas Eve! He also had fun pushing around Nana's walker that night. It is his new fascination, every time we see them! Below are some pictures of our fun that night:


Christmas day was great too! I have to say that I was super happy to FINALLY get my very own white Christmas! When I first moved to Washington, from Florida, I was so excited for a white Christmas, but in all my years there, I never got one. And the one Christmas that it snowed, I was serving my mission in Pennsylvania, where we didn't have any snow on the ground. Looks like I needed to move to Utah to finally get one. Of course, the rest of the day was great too. We started out the day by opening our stockings. That is always fun. And Santa took really good care of each of us. After opening our stockings, we went over to Russ and Diane's. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast casserole together, and then opened a few gifts together. Below are some pictures of our fun together:

Scott loved his new game that Robert got for him!

This present, was opened a few times by Alexander BEFORE Christmas! He must have known it was for him and would be his favorite present. He just loves this car that Mommy and Daddy got for him :)



This was another favorite Christmas gift of Alexander's...the ball pit! We turned the pack n' play into a ball pit! Grandma and Grandpa got him the balls, and it is great for entertaining him while I feed Jacob. He loves it!

Even Jacob got a few things for Christmas!

Okay, so after all that fun, we headed back home so Alexander could get a nap. After his nap, we headed back to Nana and Papa's. We opened gifts, and had more ribs for dinner. We had a great time while there. My only complaint, was that Jacob hadn't come yet. Being big and prego, I got so hot in their place. It turns out they had the place set to 78 degrees, so it isn't too surprising that I got hot. At one point I stepped outside to cool off. I guess that is what you get for being pregnant in the winter time! It really was a great time though. We had fun opening gifts and just being together. Alexander scored big time too! He had so many gifts, that we ended up having my mom and brother help him open some so they wouldn't feel bored. It was cute watching them help him out. Below are some more pictures of all our fun together:

Well, that about covers our fun at Christmas. I hope you enjoyed it! Tune in next time for the birth story of Jacob!